Lufthansa 747 Economy Seat Review

One reason why there might not be a lot of information on the new LH 747 Economy seat is that, in practical terms, it is identical to the new models found in the refurbished A340-300s and the A380 cabins. I cannot speak for the latter, however, I am able to compare the new 747 seat with the A343 model, which I flew on last year from Toronto to Frankfurt. The most noticeable difference in the seats (compared to the A343 and A380) is the different seat-back configuration. The 747 model has a hard recessed magazine pocket right under the PTV, which is similar in concept to the magazine pockets found in the increasingly popular Recaro Shortrange slim line products. This configuration results in a slightly different seat construction, with the PTV frame merging down into the magazine pocket and with a folded tray table, which is also not found on the A343 and A380 models. The 747 seat also has a separate mesh seat pocket for personal items, which I found very practical.

Other perceived differences, which I should not be quoted on, are the potentially larger seat width and pitch on the 747. This perception might have been influenced by the fact that I was sitting in the back section of the plane where window seat alignment tapers with the cabin wall. However, I have heard feedback from others who have flown the A343 which they have described as cramped in comparison to the 747 Economy cabin. I also know that the previous 747 Economy cabin was criticized as being fairly cramped, however, it does seem like this is an issue any longer. Seat pitch and width were perfectly adequate in comparison to the many other Economy seats I have sat in, as was the general seat comfort. Some have also commented that LH’s new Economy seat is “too hard”, however, I found it perfectly comfortable for the full 12:35 hours of the flight. The slightly smaller headrests on the new seats were also adequate for leaning my head against during the couple of hours that I slept.

All-in-all my impressions of the new seat are good, with general comfort of course identical to the other LH long haul Economy seats. Interestingly enough, the seat was already showing some signs of wear, with the passenger safety text already rubbing off. The PTVs, probably the most exciting feature of the new economy cabin, are a welcome addition to the LH 747.

Here are some close-ups of the seat: